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Federal International Recycling & Waste Solutions
400 Probandt
San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone: (210) 732-5246
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Federal International provides commercial waste management and recycling services to businesses, municipalities, schools and other organizations.
Member Since: 2014

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Green Star Recycling
3003 Aniol St
San Antonio, TX 78219
Phone: (210) 226-6371
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Security destruction multi media management
Member Since: 1973

1907 Shipman drive
San Antonio, TX 78219
Phone: (210) 278-5490
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TechnoCycle is a Texas based e-Stewards electronic waste recycler providing recycling solutions and services to businesses and corporations in order to simplify the disposal of end-of-life technology. Our process is designed to mitigate the environmental impact of recycling electronics by following a “reuse and recycle” policy that is guided by the stringent e-Stewards electronic recycling guidelines set forth by the Basel Action Network ( These guidelines ensure that data is properly erased and that all electronic materials we handle stay out of domestic and international landfills.
Member Since: 2012

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Texas Disposal Systems
11601 Starcrest
San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: (800) 375-8375
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Texas Disposal Systems—Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Recycling, Composting, Roll Offs and Dumpsters. TDS remains family owned and operated since 1977. We feel that responsible resource management includes being good stewards of the environment and keeping the best interests of our customers and employees a top priority. We strive to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as many waste materials as possible through diversion at residential, commercial and industrial locations. Our many green programs, ensure customers of every size and type, that we have solutions for their unique needs. Call TDS or email our customer care department to discuss all your solid waste disposal, recycling, and composting needs.
Member Since: 2009

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