About Us

Since 1894, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, along with the support and contributions of our members, has been propelling business success and impacting San Antonio’s military installations, infrastructure, economic development, workforce, and more.


The mission of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is to be an advocate for all of our members and the business community in building and sustaining a diverse and prosperous economy.


The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce believes:

  • That our system of government and free enterprise is essential to the American way of life.
  • That the people of this area represents its greatest resource and have the right to equal opportunity for maximum personal development.
  • That the quality of life for all of our citizens should be continuously improved.
  • That responsible economic development is vital to the future growth of our community and well-being of its citizens.
  • That the opportunity for quality education is fundamental to enhancing the quality of life.
  • That a healthy business climate is essential for sustained economic growth.
  • That responsible local government is necessary for a healthy business climate.
  • That dynamic leadership is needed to bring about constructive change in our community.

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