The Chamber kicked-off the Good to Great to Global (G3) initiative this week with an introductory breakfast to welcome and orient incoming committee chairs: Marise McDermott, President and CEO of the Witte Museum; Dr. William Henrich, President of the UTHSC of San Antonio; and Mark Chamberlain, Executive Director of Information Security for USAA.

G3 Taskforce Co-Chairs Nancy Kudla, President of the Kudla Foundation, and Kenneth Wilson, Executive Director for Haven for Hope, led the meeting with an overview of the G3 mission, goals, and milestones.

The G3 initiative is intended to be a follow-on to the Pathway to a Great City effort in 2007, where a Blue-Ribbon Task Force of business leaders, chaired by Jim Goudge, was formed to take a comprehensive look at the investments of time, energy and resources necessary to transform the City of San Antonio from a good city to a great city. The recommendations from this task force provided important insights to city leadership on key investments by our community in the areas of infrastructure, quality of life, governance, and other critical areas.  Now it is time for the next step.

The mission of G3 is to provide our city leadership with specific recommendations on community investments, initiatives, and alliances which will move our city forward in further establishing it as a key location for industry, government, and a highly skilled workforce. Our G3 plan is to focus on three of our most important industry sectors: Cyber Security, Biomedical & Healthcare, and Cultural Preservation & Celebration. There is no doubt that San Antonio already maintains an important industry position in each of these sectors. The goal of G3 is to determine how to raise them to a level of global prominence

These recommendations will then be consolidated into a G3 Task Force Report to be presented to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Board and City Leadership.

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