San Antonio Chamber Staff joined the US Navy for the Pollywog 3 Nautical Mile Run at Southside Lions Park on Saturday, August 27th.

The race benefits junior sailors attending the 2016 Navy Birthday Ball, the US Navy’s annual service celebration. Unbeknownst to many in San Antonio, thousands of United States Sailors live, work, and train here every year.

So what is a nautical mile? Unlike regular miles and other distance measurements, the nautical mile is based on the geometry of the Earth. The Earth is divided into 360 degrees, and each degree is divided into 60 minutes.

The distance of one minute at the surface of the Earth is exactly 6,076 feet, or one nautical mile. By contrast, a regular or “statute” mile is 5,280 feet. So, one nautical mile equals 1.15 statute miles (about 15% longer). Nautical miles are used by every nation around the world for air and sea navigation.

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