When it comes to Cybersecurity, most of us don’t know who the “bad guys” are. The 45 people that joined us at our latest Info Bite – Anatomy of Cyber Attacks — now know a little bit more about Cybersecurity.

While enjoying a catered lunch by Pita Pit, our guests learned first-hand how our dependency on technology can leave us vulnerable. The presentation showcased live demonstrations of multiple malware threat vectors and provided sobering examples of the ease at which attackers can compromise your data.

Tom Ervin, a Computer Scientist that has been supporting the FBI with cyber forensics analysis for the past sixteen years, presented these live demonstrations. He specializes in computer intrusions and the dissection of computer viruses, giving everyone in attendance tips on how to not become a victim.

Our next Info Bite will be on September 22 and will focus on the Department of Labor’s changes to Exempt vs. Non Exempt status.

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