During our 39th annual SA to DC trip, the Chamber led a group of 130 business and community leaders to speak to elected officials in our nation’s capitol. One of these individuals was Kevin Brady,  U.S. Representative for Texas’s 8th Congressional District.

Brady thanked the Chamber for organizing the SA to DC trip and then spoke to the audience on issues like the current tax code, how he would reform it and how it impacts American businesses. He suggested that businesses being taxed the same amount so long as their product is consumed in our country.

“Is your product or service consumed in the U.S.,” Brady explained his tax reform proposal. “If it is, it will be taxed at a low business rate of 20%. Is it consumed here? If so, equal taxation,” Congressman Brady said as he made his case for this new tax plan. Brady advocated for lowering business taxes to the lowest rates seen in the U.S. since the 1930’s, saying “that’s how we go all in for businesses on the tax side. This will grow the U.S. economy and wages,” he added.

Congressman Brady spoke about other topics, like the importance of trade with Mexico and Canada and potential changes to NAFTA. You can watch his full speech, along with a Q&A session in the video below.

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