On Wednesday, February 15, our SA to DC delegation was treated to an up-close discussion with San Antonio’s U. S. Representatives Joaquin Castro, Henry Cuellar, Lloyd Doggett and Will Hurd.

Each of the representatives talked about the positive state of San Antonio, the new Presidential administration,  the differences between working in San Antonio and Washington D.C., immigration reform, revising NAFTA, San Antonio’s growing cybersecurity industry, and job creation.

“I’m trying to use my background experience for issues that are important to the country but also directly in San Antonio,” Rep. Hurd said. “We all know cybersecurity is one of them. We all know San Antonio is becoming  ‘cybersecurity U.S.A.’ We need to double down on that. We need to make sure that we are preparing our kids for jobs that don’t exist today,” Hurd added.

Congressman Joaquin Castro spoke about how elected officials and the people of San Antonio know how to work together to do what’s best for San Antonio, stressing that all elected officials in D.C. should follow this lead. “I believe that whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’re number one priority should be to grow the economy for the place that you represent,” Castro told our delegation.

Representatives Castro, Cuellar, Doggett and Hurd went into great detail about what needs to be done for San Antonio to continue prospering. You can watch the full panel in the video below.


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