Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke to the Chamber’s SA to DC delegation on Tuesday, February 14, discussing his views on important issues that the San Antonio community faces.

“I can tell you that the Ted Cruz I know is a man of great integrity and great character,”  our 2017 Chamber Chairman and CEO of McCombs Partners Rad Weaver said, introducing Senator Cruz to our delegation. “He loves this country, and he will do what he can to always defend the constitution. For that I am grateful to call Ted a friend, and it makes me thankful that he is in the spot that he is in,” Weaver added before Senator Cruz took the stage.

“Washington right now… this is a time of incredible change,” Cruz told the audience as he began his speech. “Any time there is change, there is risk, but I’ve got to tell you that I am filled with excitement for the opportunity we have. The time for talk is over. There aren’t any excuses. We’ve got to deliver,” Cruz added.

The Senator spoke about his goals, with jobs and economic growth being at the top of his list because “every other problem that we’ve got derives from that.” Cruz also spoke about strengthening and preserving social security along with immigration reform, regulations, taxes, and international trade.

You can watch Senator Cruz’s full speech to our SA to DC delegation in the video below.

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