“Something pretty amazing is happening in Texas, and we wanted to say how it’s happened and what to learn from it,”  said Joel Kotkin of Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism (COU). Last year, COU produced The Texas Way of Urbanism, a report that investigates the steady ecomomic and demographic growth of Texas’ major cities.

San Antonio has seen a 26% increase in middle-class jobs, putting us just behind tied Austin and Houston.  Texas itself has become an appealing option for those who are seeking a higher quality of life for less.  Businesses have been drawn to the area due to the lower costs of operation.

In addition,  millennials are flooding to the city for career advancement opportunities, different education options, and again the lower cost of living.  Millennials now make up the largest generation in the workforce, and San Antonio has made attracting the young generation a top priority.

In the report, COU takes a look at San Antonio  to see why it’s quickly becoming a leading American city. Once heavily dependent on the military, San Antonio’s urban experience today is defined by a wide range of industries, cultures, and personal opportunities.

Check out the video below from COU, highlighting San Antonio.


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