We meet again, and it’s early voting season!  Early voting for the primary election began February 20 and fellow San Antonians have been busy hitting the polls.

Fun Fact: For the first time in 25 years, (yes, you read that right. 25), Democrats are running in all 36 Texas congressional districts.  Why is that little fact important?  Texas is predominantly considered a Republican State, and now that is being challenged.

I can’t tell you who to vote for.  I can’t persuade your decision.  What I can do, is offer insight on why it is SO IMPORTANT to vote and be heard.

In January, Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez wrote an op-ed for our Chamber Today newsletter and blog titled “Why San Antonio Businesses Must Encourage Their Employees To Register and Vote,” and I’d like to reiterate a few key points you are most likely aware of. If not, read on my friend:

  • The 2017 State Legislative Session was BRUTAL toward businesses
    • An attempt to impose additional health benefit mandates on health insurance carriers which would negatively affect the bottom line of San Antonio businesses,
    • An assault on important State economic development incentive tools used to attract new business and industry to our state, and
    • An unnecessary and extremely time-consuming focus away from important State-wide issues such as public education funding and transportation to a focus on discriminatory bathroom legislation.
  • Businesses are the heart, soul, and very backbone of our economy
  • Voting for the right person is our responsibility

It’s important to educate yourself on the individuals running and and their positions on economic issues facing our region before heading to the polls. The San Antonio business community understands the integral role our elected officials play in ensuring Texas as well as the entire US maintains a business friendly environment and a thriving economy.  Our friends over at the Texas Tribune have put together a list of candidates running in Texas.

If you are unsure of who represents you, click here and simply enter your address.

Texas is the first state in the country to hold its primary elections, so let’s not mess this up shall we? These individuals elected at the local, state and federal level have the power to dictate legislation proposed and passed. And, if you don’t make it to early voting (which ends on Friday, March 2), make sure you go to your voting precinct to cast your ballot.



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