There’s nothing like summer in the city. With the kids out of school and the sun shining bright, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate in San Antonio. The city’s beautiful municipal parks and local State Parks, such as Government Canyon and Guadalupe River, offer rich outdoor leisure for people of all ages. It’s never too late to work on that classic Texas farmer’s tan or cross items of your bucket list.

However, rising temperatures herald caution as well as fun. When enjoying the sunshine with friends and family, remember to practice responsible outdoor measures, such as applying an appropriate amount of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses, and drinking plenty of water. Prolonged physical activity outside without care for one’s safety can lead to heat exhaustion, sunburns, and in extreme cases, stroke. Summer is way too much fun to spend it in pain or in the hospital.

If you’re enjoying the summer with a furry friend, make sure they are also staying hydrated and cool. If the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws. Make plans to keep animals inside during the day while away at work or school and never leave a pet or a child in a hot car. Temperatures inside parked cars can surpass the temperature outside the vehicle in a matter of minutes. According to the National Safety Council, 2018 saw a 20-year high in the amount of child deaths attributed to hot cars, with Texas having the highest amount of cases in the nation since 1998.

If you decide to go swimming or take a hike, always go with a buddy. Individuals who engage in strenuous outdoor activities by themselves are less likely to receive medical attention or get to safety in the event of an accident compared to people who have a friend nearby. Even those adhering to the buddy system should take care to know their limits and use good judgement when hiking, playing, swimming, boating, or similar activities.

Summertime accidents appear more frequently and in greater severity when alcohol is involved. Just like driving, a designated sober person or multiple people should always be present while others are drinking, in case of injury or accident.

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce enjoys few things as much as summer, and it is our hope that all San Antonians will enjoy themselves not only this summer, but next year as well. Whether it’s camping, attending a Missions baseball game, touring one of the city’s museums, visiting the zoo, living it up at Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld, or reading a good book on your front porch, your Chamber wishes you a fun and safe summer 2019.

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