Cairo, Egypt: When you go

Your Chamber is excited to invite you on our 2020 membership trip to Egypt March 20 – 29. Before you pack your bags, we want to give you a sneak preview of what you can expect on the journey. This time, we begin at the very start of our trip in Egypt’s capital city: Cairo.

Cairo is a magnificent city, full of history, wonder, and paradoxes. It’s more than 1,000 years old, but situated right in the heart of landmarks several millennia older, while also showcasing a modern flair resulting from Egypt’s last few decades in particular.

Cairo is the largest city in both Africa and the Middle East, boasting a metro area of more than 20 million people  including 1 in 5 of all Egyptians. An economic powerhouse, Cairo retains a larger commercial impact than any other city in Africa. A large pool of workers are ferried along their daily commute by a robust public transportation system, including one of only two metro systems in Africa. Cairo’s metro services more than a billion passengers each year.

Cairo has prided itself as a center of culture and art since its founding. The city has one of the oldest film and music industries in the Islamic world and has a wide selection of theatres, opera houses, museums, and historical landmarks for locals and tourists alike. The city is famous for its Islamic architecture, earning the nickname “the City of a Thousand Minarets”.

For Chamber visitors, Cairo is our first stop in Egypt. On our first night in the city, visitors will be treated to the Sound & Light show at the nearby Great Pyramids of Giza, which is included in your trip if you book before October 23.

For the first full day of Cairo, visitors will begin with the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. With more then 120,000 artifacts from Egypt’s ancient era, the museum offers one of the largest historical collections in the Middle East. After lunch, the group will tour the Citadel of Saladin — once the seat of power for the Muslim side of the Crusades. Lastly, the first full day in Cairo will end with a trip to the Khan El-Khalil covered bazaar and a visit from a certified Egyptologist.

The next day we will leave Cairo for Aswan to embark on the Nile River Cruise. But for guests who want more time in the capital, fear not. The party will return to Cairo on Day 8 of the trip, following the cruise.

Upon returning to Cairo the second time, we will spend the first full day visiting the Great Pyramids and Sphinx again, this time by daylight. Later, a tour of the city’s Papyrus Institute will educate visitors about the creation of one of the most important Egyptian materials in its history, the medium from which culture, art, and literacy exploded in an ancient renaissance. Lastly, the itinerary steers guests to the Sakkara Step Pyramid, before retiring to the pool, shopping centers, or hotel rooms for the rest of the evening.

Travelers opting for the optional extension into Alexandria will have additional time in Cairo upon return, but what they choose to do with their time this time around is up to them.

For more information, visit our Egypt 2020 event page,  and make plans to attend our next info session on Thursday, August 15. You won’t want to miss out on this journey of a lifetime.

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