Influencer Series with Casandra Matej

The greatest champion of the San Antonio tourism industry is Visit San Antonio President & CEO Casandra Matej. For nine years, Casandra has continually raised the bar in attracting both visiting families and big name conventions, sporting events, and prestigious gatherings to the Alamo City. She has an eye for hospitality and knows how to advocate for San Antonio with unprecedented success.

In any other year, San Antonio welcomes 37 million visitors annually. Under normal circumstances, the allure of tourism brings in billions of dollars to our community and keeps our city designated as a premier vacation spot for countless families. However, the impact of COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult to safely host the maximum volume of travelers and keep the industry on top financially.

With San Antonio’s tourism industry in dire need of assistance, speaking with Casandra now takes on a new level of importance and urgency.

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