Influencer Series with Adam Hamilton

Our Influencer Web Series focuses on authentic, thorough, and heart-to-heart conversations between local community leaders and me. During these interviews, we explore a wide range of topics and go in depth into problems, solutions, examinations, and reflections, on both the most pressing issues and the most timeless topics.

The first video in our series features the Chamber’s 2020 Chair and President and CEO of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Adam Hamilton, who discusses his Chamber priority of challenging businesses to cultivate a culture of support for the pursuit of education among their employees and why this is more important now than ever. He also provides a great explanation of some of the incredible work being done at SwRI and what they are doing to help combat COVID-19.

We hope the information and perspectives provided by this web series will keep you informed and entertained now and serve as a resource and blueprint for viewers years down the road.

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