Cybersecurity Council

Jarrett Cravey, 2019 Cybersecurity Council Chair
Director MSSP and San Antonio Site Lead, Defense Point Security

The Cybersecurity Council fosters growth and development of the local cybersecurity industry and provides support and advocacy for legislative issues impacting the industry. The council also identifies and creates tech and cybersecurity  workforce and recruitment initiatives to meet future industry needs through collaboration with academic institutions, current businesses, and the military.

To learn more about our Cybersecurity Council, contact Amanda Lee Keammerer at or call 210-229-2113.



CyberSecurity San Antonio’s Vision

To build San Antonio into a globally-recognized city for cybersecurity businesses, educational programs, and national security missions.

  • Defense: San Antonio is nationally recognized as the #2 epicenter for defense-related cybersecurity missions, existing federal contractors supporting those missions, and the existence of innovative public-private partnerships that allow private-sector companies to work with DOD partners to provide solutions to critical problem sets.
  • Cybersecurity Business: San Antonio-based, commercially-focused cybersecurity companies have seen significant job and revenue growth, and the overall ecosystem has grown with new brands in the market.
  • Startup Community: San Antonio emerges as a hub for cybersecurity start-ups and leads the nation in in developing an interconnected ecosystem of infrastructure, networks and mentorship to support veteran-founded security startups.
  • Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline: CyberSecurity San Antonio will support industry engagement with local high schools, colleges, universities and non-profits to increase cybersecurity and computer science degree output, create more company start-ups from college students, and develop connections to ensure local grads are educated on internships, open positions and existing aspects of the cybersecurity ecosystem.



Build Sec Foundry

In 2016, the San Antonio Chamber launched Build Sec Foundry, a security product incubator located at Geekdom in the heart of the growing SA Tech District.  Build Sec Foundry is a cybersecurity incubator that gives security product startups the access to go to market and scale their business. We are a top incubator program in the nation for military veterans and intelligence community professionals, who are launching a new security product.

Our Structure is simple, yet effective, and built open in-depth engagement and guidance with our members startups and their founders.

B – Brand: Through engagement with our network, we take entrepreneurs with a product and help them build a brand.  A brand includes the company name, positioning, differentiation play, and market strategy.

S – Sales: We help entrepreneurs achieve some of the toughest goals for early-stage security product startups – product testing/validation, early customers and lighthouse customers.  Through those engagements, we work with startups to develop a go-to-market strategy, understand their product-market fit, and identify channel partners that will help accelerate getting their product to market and beginning to capture market share.

F – Funding: We work with startups to secure the initial seed funding needed to get the business going, and then walk with them through the various rounds needed to get them into the hands of institutional investors that will truly scale their business model.

For more information, visit Build Sec Foundry’s website.

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