The mission of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is to be an advocate for all of our members and the business community in building and sustaining a diverse and prosperous economy. We accomplish this through the active engagement of our members in our initiatives, councils, programs and signature events, each focused in three main areas: public affairs, economic development and networking and business development. The Chamber is here to be a resource, helping your business prosper in San Antonio.

Networking & Business Development

While you have many networking and marketing channels at your fingertips, nothing can replace meeting someone face-to-face and building a personal relationship or being associated with a trusted business resource. Organizations like the Chamber still remain one of the best ways to network. Your membership ultimately increases your visibility in the community and builds your circle of influence by connecting you with other like-minded business professionals.

The best way to begin networking is through our events. With more than 150 events that range from monthly networking events to our Annual Gala, we are here to help our members meet other business owners and establish strong relationships that lead to additional business opportunities.


An example of how we expand your network is our newsletter, Chamber Today. With more than 8,000 weekly subscribers, your business will be highlighted as a new member to businesses throughout San Antonio. You can subscribe to receive Chamber updates at any time, even if you’re not a member!

The Chamber may also promote your grand opening/ribbon-cutting ceremony and assist with any public relations efforts. To learn more about signing up for a ribbon cutting, contact Cynthia Rodriguez at or 210.229.2107

You can also grow your business by advertising and sponsoring events. We offer our members access to exclusive marketing tools that allow you to raise awareness of your business to the more than 2,100 members of the San Antonio Chamber. To learn more about advertising, contact Julie Ring at or 210.229.2112

Public Affairs

Structured for business leaders, the Public Affairs Department of the Chamber is led by dedicated members who work to ensure our region is positioned to succeed. The Chamber’s legislative advocacy stems from the work of committees, task forces and members working on issues at the local, state and federal levels.

In general, public policy priorities change as the needs of the business community change. As a result, the Public Affairs team serves as a crucial resource to advance legislative goals of the San Antonio business community on behalf of our members.

The Chamber maintains a robust platform at the local, state and federal level that advances the organization’s short and long-term priorities.

By joining a committee under the Public Affairs Council, you will have input on key issues and become a change agent in our business community.


Having more than 2,100 members makes us the largest and most influential pro-business organization in San Antonio and places our 64% of small business owners at an advantage other chambers cannot provide.

Economic Development

The Chamber’s economic development team works to promote trade, expand employment opportunities, strengthen existing industry and grow and diversify the economy of the San Antonio region.

This work is guided by the strategic vision of the Economic Development Council, its committees and special initiatives. The work of these volunteers helps us create a business-friendly environment by promoting local businesses and providing events, resources, and tools for our members and business owners.

By joining a committee under the Economic Development Council, you will have input on raising the profile of San Antonio and ensuring our community remains competitive on a global level.


 In addition, the San Antonio Chamber acts as the primary liaison in connecting stakeholders within the community to allow for growth and development.

Want to become a member of the Chamber?