More than 100 business leaders from San Antonio will travel to our nation’s capital on February 1 with a comprehensive federal agenda representing the regional needs of our community. The registration deadline to ensure group trip pricing is January 11.

For the past 38 years, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce has led a delegation of business and civic leaders to Washington, D.C. to meet with key members of Congress, White House officials, Cabinet Members and military leaders. The trip has two critical missions. First, we are there to meet with Pentagon officials and offer our support for the military installations in San Antonio. This mission has taken-on an even more important significance in light of Sequestration and the Department of Defense’s current budget situation. Our second purpose is to discuss the issues facing the San Antonio area with key members of Congress and Administration officials. During an unpredictable political climate and these challenging economic times, it is imperative that communities make their voice heard in Washington, D.C. We need your participation to ensure key leaders understand San Antonio’s priorities and issues.

Participants are scheduled to hear from, key Agency officials, Cabinet Leaders, and policy makers on issues of importance to our region. During our Chairman’s Dinner Reception while on the trip, we’ll also get to hear from newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on his vision for Congress in the coming year. The group arrives in D.C. on February 1, the day of the first Presidential Caucus in Iowa. We are in a political climate that is new territory. As one headline put it, “Voters aren’t playing by a different set of rules, they aren’t playing by any rules”. That’s where you come in. San Antonio has a lot at stake and with members of Congress operating on shaky ground, it’s more important than ever to press our case in DC.

Please sign up today and join in the 2016 SA to DC trip where we get the opportunity to fulfill Plato’s philosophy of “Get involved in the governmental process or be governed by those who do.” After all, we don’t need to let other cities and states determine our fate for us.

In addition to the advocacy work accomplished during the trip, there may be no better way to get to know more than 100 of San Antonio’s top executives than during the annual four-day fly-in to D.C. Please click here to learn more or contact Ruben Gonzalez (210.229.2199) or Jennifer Harms (210.229.2105).

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