On January 13th your chamber participated in a Community Conversation (CC) discussing our Next Generation Assessments and Accountability for Texas Public Schools.  Hosted by State Board of Education Chair, Donna Bahorich, and local board representatives Marisa Perez and Ken Mercer, the participants included parents, educators, business leaders and a few students.

The purpose for the meeting is in light of the creation of the Next Generation Commission on Assessments and Accountability which is an appointed composed of 15 appointed members who must submit a report of recommendations for the 2017 legislative session. As part of the State Board of Education’s contribution on the Commission, the chair, fellow Board members and a variety of community leaders are hosting a series of face to face and online “Community Conversations” in order to engage greater participation surrounding these important topics.

This Commission will develop recommendations to address the purpose of a state accountability system and the role of student assessment; opportunities to assess students that provide actionable information, support learning activities, recognize the application of skills and knowledge, measure growth and mastery, and critical thinking.

Additionally, the commission will work to address the alignment of state performance standards with college and career readiness; policy changes to enable student progress; policy changes necessary to meet state goals, as well as policy changes that are community based, promote parent and community involvement, and reflect unique community needs.

During the community conversation, participants worked in groups to answer the question of what should the role or purpose be of assessment and accountability for children in our schools; how can we improve our current system and what goals should we focus on to help shape the work of the commission as they prepare for the 2017 legislative session.

Future opportunities via online surveys will be provided soon for those who were unable to attend this first community conversation in San Antonio.  For more information on this commission please visit the TEA website and page on the commission

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