Along with local ISD Superintendents and representatives from the San Antonio and North San Antonio Chambers of Commerce, U.S. Senator John Cornyn and U.S. Representative Will Hurd hosted a roundtable discussing the latest federal legislation governing our PK-12 system, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

During the hour long discussion, the theme of local control was prevalent and reinforced by every ISD representative and business leader.  Under the new ESSA, states will be tasked with presenting proposed state plans that will include everything from teacher evaluation structures to proposed testing measures for students.

“The work that will be undertaken is important work but is going to take time,” said Dr. Brian Woods, Superintendent for Northside Independent School District. It is during this time that many participants stressed the importance of rethinking the level of testing and how is factors into accountability for students, educators and schools.

“We are at a critical juncture to open up the possibilities for workforce training and career and technical education expansion with the new law in place,” said Denise Green, Partner with Embry Partners and Chair of the Education/Workforce Development Council at the Chamber.

Both Senator Cornyn and Rep. Hurd stressed that importance of continuing to provide feedback and comments during this rulemaking time period for the new law.  This is particularly true as the state of Texas moves into preparation for 85th Legislative session.

For more information on ESSA you can visit the information page at ESSA Information Page at Dept. of Education.

For more information on the Education/Workforce Council and how you can get engaged please contact Priscilla Camacho, Vice President of Education/Workforce Development.

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