On Tuesday, the State of Texas House Committee on Urban Affairs hosted a public hearing on cybersecurity at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The hearing came as a result of direction from the Speaker of the Texas House for the committee to identify potential gaps in cities’ cybersecurity policy and ensure that personal information held by cities and other municipal entities is secure. CyberSecurity San Antonio, in partnership with UTSA, organized expert testimony from the private sector, municipalities and academia to discuss opportunities and challenges facing cities across Texas in combating cybersecurity threats.

“I think there was a strong consensus at the hearing that although Texas has made great strides in cybersecurity, our state must do more to help our state agencies, cities, municipalities and utilities have the proper resources and a strong workforce to protect their entities from cybersecurity attacks,” said State Representative Carol Alvarado. “The question is not if our cities and municipal entities will have a cybersecurity attack, but when they will experience a breach and how they will respond.”

CyberSecurity San Antonio members who testified at the hearing included: John Dickson, Principal, Denim Group; Larry Hurtado, CEO, Digital Defense; Scott Myers, Senior Vice President, root9b; Chris Fogle, Executive Vice President, Delta Risk; Mauli Agrawal, Vice President of Research, UTSA; Greg White, Director, Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security at UTSA; and Greg Sarich, Senior Vice President – Enterprise Support 7 CIO, CPS Energy.

“San Antonio, and most notably UTSA, have shown themselves to be at the forefront of cybersecurity and are a prime example of how a city has created various partnerships with the public and private sector to address the growing technological needs of a city and its community,” added Representative Alvarado. “It is going to take a collaborative effort from the public and private sectors and an investment from the state to help make sure we can protect our cities and our citizens’ information. Our committee looks forward to working with UTSA, the business community, DIR, and other cities to find solutions to strengthen cybersecurity in our state.”

The hearing continued dialogue that members of San Antonio’s cybersecurity industry have been undertaking at public events such as the Texas Tribune Cybersecurity Summit, and in private meetings with legislators. CyberSecurity San Antonio believes that the opportunity exists to craft meaningful legislation in the 2017 Texas Legislative Session to address security risks and better safeguard the critical information held by the State and local municipalities.

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