Representatives from the San Antonio Chamber met with more than a hundred thought leaders across the country to discuss the use of talent pipeline management systems to tackle community workforce challenges. Hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation in their Washington, DC offices, participants in the day-long summit heard from national leaders in talent pipeline management including a keynote address from Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey.

This convening was the second national meeting hosted by the US Chamber and follows a year-long process of incubating and facilitating talent pipeline management implementation in communities across the country. Seven communities were highlighted at the meeting including Arizona, Illinois, Virginia, Houston, Kentucky, Kansas and Michigan.

The focus of the presentations was on the use of employer-led networks to ensure the deployment or resources and training is focused on demand needs from employers.  Six strategies have been outlined by the network which include: 1) organize employer collaboratives; 2) engage in demand planning; 3) communicate competency and credential requirements; 4) analyze talent flows; 5) implement shared performance measures; and 6) align incentives.

Building on the success of these first seven communities and the strategies developed from them, USA Funds announced the issuance of a grant of $2.5 million dollars to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation to expand the number of communities participating in the Talent Pipeline Management network, to offer tools and resources for communities to use to implement the 6 strategies identified by the original network, and to develop Talent Pipeline Management Academies where leaders from the talent pipeline management network can share best practices and tools for others to learn and develop as they build out their our talent pipeline management system.

For more information on the network and the case studies produced as a part of the network you can find at their website.

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