Former Chamber Chairman and Co-founder of Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) Henry Cisneros, fellow LDC Co-Founder Sol Trujillo, and national Latina leader Aida Alvarez recently sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss how Latinos are powering the new mainstream economy. The interview focused on dispelling myths and sharing the truth about the Latino population, pointing out that Latinos represent $1.5 trillion in purchasing power, are responsible for 86% of all new business formations in the last half-decade and have taken out 51% of all new home mortgages during the last decade. For more information, click here to watch the interview.

Founded in 2010, the Latino Donor Collaborative works to reframe and advance an accurate perception, portrayal and understanding of the important contributions Latinos make to American society. Through a nonpartisan agenda that partners with media, advertising, politics, corporate America, and civil society, the LDC works to bring further understanding and appreciation to the impact made by Latinos in society, politics, and commerce.

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