The San Antonio Chamber wants to connect you to the world by offering the very best of international travel opportunities with our bi-annual overseas Chamber trips. This year’s voyage will take you through central Europe, visiting Prague, Budapest and Vienna along the way!

The trip begins in the capital of Hungary, one of the largest cities in the European Union. Budapest, formerly two cities, is separated by the Danube river. Now one city, they still have very different characters. On the east side of the Danube, Buda is set on top of a rocky hill and is traditional and quaint. Pest, located on the western bank, is sprawling, modern and eclectic. The two cities were connected in 1849 by the stunning Chain Bridge, creating a unique city with beautiful architecture, Turkish bathouses, superb cuisine and a world class music scene.

The next stop takes us to the city known both as the “city of dreams” and the “city of music”. Sigmund Freud, was born in Vienna and influenced the city greatly with his research thus the “city of dreams” moniker began. Vienna gets the “city of music” title from a long list of composers who called it home: Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, Haydn, von Suppé, Mahler, and Brahms. Vienna is also famous for its Baroque and Rococo styles which dominate the city.

Our arrival in Prague, ”The Golden City” (because of its beautiful cathedrals and their sharp spires), will reveal why Prague is considered one of Europe’s most gorgeous cities. Split by the Vltava River, Prague consists of two “banks”; The left bank which contains the Prague Castle and Lesser Town, and the right bank which houses Old Town, New Town and the Jewish Quarter. The jaw-dropping Charles Bridge connects the two. Beyond these amazing marvels, there is a wealth of spectacular sights, quirky attractions and vibrant neighborhoods to discover.

The tour price includes round trip airfare from San Antonio, 7 nights in beautiful hotels (3 nights in Budapest, 2 nights in Vienna and 2 nights in Prague), City Tours in each city and a full day Danube Bend tour (including Visegard, Esztergom and Szentendre), a professional tour director, deluxe motor coaches, and much more!

These trips are designed for tourism and cultural experiences, as well as, meeting the needs of the cultured business traveler. We look forward to you joining us.

Click here to view the itinerary. Please contact Cynthia Rodriguez at 210-229-2107 or for more information.

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