The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce was thrilled to attend the grand opening of Discovery Point, a multimillion-dollar expansion to SeaWorld San Antonio. This new area of the park is designed to inspire guests with views of the park’s dolphin exhibits, as well as a hub for all of SeaWorld San Antonio’s animal interaction programs.

“Discovery Point underscores our mission of experiences that matter,” said Chris Bellows, SeaWorld San Antonio Vice President of Zoological Operations. “Our guests will see the wonder and majesty of dolphins and other marine animals, connecting with them in new ways to create a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting these amazing animals and their ocean habitat.”

Discovery Point gives guests the opportunity to experience dolphins from a lush, tropical setting as well as beneath the water’s surface in a new underwater viewing area. With the renovation, SeaWorld has nearly doubled the exhibit’s size to a nearly 600,000-gallon habitat. The addition also came with the renovation of its shark, fish and coral reef aquarium known as Explorer’s Reef.

“As a world leader in animal care, we are evolving our habitats for these magnificent creatures and also revolutionizing the way our guests learn about marine animals and ocean conservation,” said Carl Lum SeaWorld San Antonio President. “Now, more than ever, we’re creating experiences that can inspire guests and change minds, hearts and lives forever.”

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