On May 19, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee met at the department of public safety’s region 6 headquarters here in San Antonio. Captain Steven Tellez, spoke to the group about the facility.

Located at 6502 South New Braunfels Avenue, the San Antonio Regional office, built in 1968, has exceeded its space needs for all services. Many of its personnel are currently operating out of leased facilities throughout the city.

The facility was designed as a district office. In the early 2000’s DPS re-aligned, and the facility was repurposed from a District Office to a Regional Office. This facility is the major command center for the region during a disaster or other declared emergency by the State of Texas. There is insufficient space and technological capability to meet the current needs of a state-of-the-art disaster center.

Support for funding of a new facility will be included in the Chamber’s 2017 Legislative Agenda. A new facility will relieve current conditions, allow for all employees to be housed on one site in separate facilities (main building, Driver License and Ancillary functions), and provide for a fully compliant Texas Accessibility Standards facility to more effectively and efficiently serve the public.

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