Vienna, the capital of Austria is one of the most elegant cities in Europe, and a must-visit! A country with archaeological artifacts that date back to 25000 BC is awaiting your arrival after the first stop in Budapest.
This country is home to so many amazing architectural beauties that we cannot list them all here. However, during a city tour, we will visit the Ringstrasse, known for the magnificent buildings such as The Imperial Palace (Hofburg) – the seat of an empire and family (the Habsburgs) that ruled for most of the last seven centuries.

Vienna’s two most important museums sit facing each other on either sides of Maria-Theresien-Platz, with identical sandstone facades, crowned with an octagonal dome. Kunsthistoriches Museum  (also often referred to as Museum of Fine Arts) is housed in one of these palatial buildings and was opened in 1891 by Emperor Franz Joseph I. Step inside and you will see that the museum is as lavishly decorated as the Imperial Palace, with marble and gold, and is a fitting space to display the impressive art collection built up by the Habsburgs. You will find artworks by the old masters – Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Raphael, Vermeer and a self-portrait by Rembrandt.

Vienna’s famous amusement park, Prater Park in Leopoldstadt, boasts the 212-ft tall Riesenrad?a landmark in Vienna’s skyline. The park’s Ferris wheel was constructed in 1897 and it was the world’s tallest until 1985.
And in your free time on the tour, stop by a coffeehouse! The first coffeehouse opened in Vienna in 1685 and since then, the Viennese coffeehouse culture has been a big part of the city. Vienna’s coffeehouses are made to linger in, so make plans to order a cup of coffee and some cake, peruse the newspapers, read a book or simply people-watch.

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