If your business is at least a half-century old and has been owned by the same family for all of those years, you are eligible for the State’s Texas Treasure Business Award.

The Texas Treasure Business Award is a prestigious honor meant to recognize the accomplishments of businesses that have supported the state’s economy for at least 50 years. This program allows the state to pay tribute to well-established businesses that have stood the test of time in Texas.

Nominations can be submitted by any business representative. Within 60 days of submitting your nomination, the Texas Historical Commission (THC) will be notified that their submission was received. Businesses that have gone through short closures or interruptions, such as closing a business while the owner serves a tour of duty in the military, are not disqualified from competition. Additionally, companies who have changed their type of business to another similar type of business still qualify, such as a wagon company that later became an automotive maker, since both would count as a business in the field of transportation. This award is limited to for-profit entities.

For more information on the Texas Treasure Business Award Program visit the official Texas Historical Commission website.

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