The Chamber’s Good to Great to Global (G3) Taskforce is one step closer to finalizing recommendations for its final report to improve San Antonio’s positioning as an international business hub. During last week’s working session, Co-Chairs Nancy Kudla and Kenny Wilson tasked the committees with developing a vision statement and specific recommendations for their respective industry sectors, three of which will be pitched to City Council for the upcoming bond election.

The Taskforce discussed the importance of developing a vision and strategy that San Antonio leaders could get behind and work collaboratively with the Chamber to implement. They discussed the importance of developing metrics associated with the return on investment for the community and how we can evaluate success. “Our community has already built a strong foundation for regional and national leadership in cyber security, healthcare & biomedicine, and cultural celebration & preservation, but there is still much work to be done” said Co-Chair Nancy Kudla, President of the Kudla Foundation. “Through a clear and strong vision for who we can be moving forward, and the collaborative commitment between city leaders, community organizations, and the business community, San Antonio can achieve true global leadership that will benefit our entire city” agreed Co-Chair Kenny Wilson, President and CEO of Haven for Hope of Bexar County.

The Taskforce has some homework before the next meeting, which includes developing a narrative that describes who we aim to be globally over the next 15-20 years, and how we are and will remain unique.

Thank you to all of our members who have committed time and effort to this initiative. The next working meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 23.

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