Chamber supports Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant Program

Your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce stands in strong support of sustaining and increasing funding given to the Texas Military Preparedness Commission’s (TMPC) Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant Program (DEAAG) in the proposed budget for adoption during the 85th Session of the State legislature.

Created in 1997, this grant program assists defense communities with infrastructure support of military communities impacted by current or pending changes to defense contracts. DEAAG funding can meet matching requirements for federal funding and is available for the purchase of Department of Defense property, new construction, and even rehabilitation of facilities that support job creating projects and opportunities.

The top five recipients of the DEAAG Round 2 received $15.5M in funds ($500K rolled over from Round 1).  There were 11 packages submitted, and the committee fully funded four projects, with the fifth project partially funded with a delta of $160K.  A portion of Round 2’s funding went towards important projects in San Antonio, specifically addressing needs regarding our city’s water. While we were very fortunate to receive this funding, an additional round of funding could bring similar benefits to San Antonio.


Last year, Bexar County and Joint Base San Antonio received $4.7M in grant funding for projects that will undoubtedly enhance and increase effectiveness of important military missions in our city. These funds specifically targeted solutions to encroachment outside of JBSA – Randolph and supplied additional and more reliable water infrastructure to the installations, thereby assuring that the installations have a guaranteed water source well into the future. The continuing opportunity of grant funding will further ensure success of San Antonio’s military neighbors that in turn positively affects supporting our civilian and business partners, as well.


The Chamber and our members continue to encourage the collaborating of community, business, and military resources. DEEAG is vital to bringing these resources together by securing adequate funding for important infrastructure projects to promote the success of the missions that we are honored to support, and to provide new opportunities for missions that we may see in the future.

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