Chamber attends ONESA press conference at Port San Antonio

On Election Day (May 6), San Antonio voters will make a decision on the city’s largest ever bond package of $850 Million. The Chamber was proud to attend a press conference yesterday at Port San Antonio—a beneficiary of proposed drainage projects—where speakers encourage voters to support all six sections of the bond. Port San Antonio Board Member Juan Solis, Councilman Rey Saldana (District 4), and Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales (District 5) focused on the neighborhood investments, and the many jobs that the drainage projects would bring to the former Kelly Air Force Base, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year as Port San Antonio. Several Chamber leaders, including San Antonio Chamber of Commerce CEO Richard Perez, joined to advocate for the bond and the broad improvements it would have across our community. The San Antonio Chamber has been supportive of this monumental investment for its comprehensive focus on improving the communities in which our residents live, work, and play. The community will have the opportunity to vote on all six of these areas individually within the following categories:

  • Streets, bridges, sidewalks: $445 Million
  • Drainage and flood control: $139 Million
  • Parks and Recreation: $187 Million
  • Facility Improvement (libraries, community centers): $24 Million
  • Public Safety Improvement: $34 Million
  • Neighborhood Improvements: $20 Million

To learn more about the bond, visit the City of San Antonio’s website at

Early voting begins Monday, April 24.  For more information on Bexar County elections, please visit the Elections Department website at

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