Chamber participates in SB 6 press conference

Last week, our President and CEO Richard Perez participated in a press conference, organized by Visit San Antonio, highlighting the potential economic impact of Senate Bill 6 on San Antonio. During the press conference, Casandra Matej, President and CEO of Visit San Antonio, shared results from an economic impact study completed by the Perryman Group that indicated the San Antonio area could lose almost $412 million in annual spending and see 4,650 job eliminated if SB 6 passes.

Richard spoke to the crowd about the impact of SB 6 on San Antonio’s business community including our ability to attract talent and build our workforce. “The San Antonio Chamber’ job is to look at initiatives that grow our community and to be the business community’s voice. Our charter also allows us to oppose things that do not make sense for this community, and SB 6 is one of those things,” said Perez.

He also read our position statement on discrimination which was approved by our Board of Directors on February 23:  The San Antonio Chamber opposes any law, statute, ordinance or rule that weakens our community’s private and/or public sector’s ability to attract talent and private investment or in any way limits San Antonio’s identity as a welcoming destination to visit, live, and work. Policies that discriminate against individuals or groups based upon gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability are not in keeping with the long history of inclusion that has been San Antonio’s promise and hamper Texas’ ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Richard concluded, “We oppose anything that hampers Texas’ ability and our ability to attract talent. We are in a national battle to bring talented people to our city. Talent is the basic material that helps businesses grow, innovate, and succeed, and SB 6 does the exact opposite.”


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