Chamber participates in inaugural Latino Policy Symposium

With Hispanics representing more than 35% of the population in Texas, a better understanding of this segment of the community is critical, as their outcomes have a significant impact on the future of Texas’ economy.  It was with this framework that more than 75 individuals from across the state met at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s downtown campus to discuss issues including healthcare, housing, labor and employment, and education specifically as they relate to the Latino population.  Hosted by UTSA and other partners, this convening spanned two days with plans to occur annually.

Focusing on the discussions surrounding labor & employment, the Chamber’s VP of Education & Workforce Development Priscilla Camacho participated in dialogue highlighting key policies supported by your Chamber. Best practices were discussed, including increasing work-based learning opportunities for students in K-12 and institutions of higher education; increasing mentorship partnerships; increasing dual-credit offerings for K-12 students; and developing better resources for counselors to advise on career pathways based on regional labor data.

Final reports of the event will be provided in the coming weeks and can be shared with members who are interested in learning more about the work of this symposium. For more information on the Education/Workforce Development council you can email Priscilla Camacho.

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