The City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability presented Dark Sky Evaluation Process

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce hosted the City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability last week at a joint meeting with the Energy & Sustainability and Military Affairs Council. Eloisa Portillo Morales, Sustainability Planning Manager, presented details on the Dark Sky Evaluation Process. The City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability is working with stakeholders across the city to look at current outdoor lighting ordinances and any potential changes that could possibly impact residents. The Chamber is a key stakeholder in the process, providing an opportunity for our members to weigh-in on the issue.

Research shows that light pollution can negatively impact human health and military nighttime activities and can also waste valuable energy. Many cities across the state, like El Paso, have begun a similar evaluation process and have adopted similar ordinances, as a result.

The Office of Sustainability will be conducting stakeholder outreach over the next few months, gathering input from the community, drafting recommendations, and presenting to City Council for review and approval in August 2017.

The Chamber will remain active in the development of recommendations. To learn more about the Dark Sky Evaluation Process contact, Eloisa Portillo-Morales at the Office of Sustainability at Eloisa. or visit the city’s website at

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