MentorSA Highlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas honors Workplace Mentors

Connecting the dots of the world of work and the classroom, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas’ (BBBS) Workplace Mentoring program has assisted students in seeing what the world of possibilities are in terms of careers in San Antonio. Starting in 2008 BBBS worked to pair students with employers who were not only willing to host students onsite at their place of employment, but then also provide one-on-one guidance to students looking for professional and personal mentorship.

Celebrating the graduation of more than 350 students who were a part of a cohort of students, BBBS hosted more than 100 individuals and mentors to showcase the importance one person can make in the life of a child. “Workplace learning and mentoring is critical to building our future workforce,” said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

In addition to honoring workplace mentors, the event shined a light on a pair of mentors and mentees. Hallmark University President Brent Fessler remarked on his experience serving as a “Big” to his “Little” Isidro.  Fessler stated, “We as business leaders need to work with a greater purpose than just achieving the bottom line.”

Overall, 94% of the mentees who are part of the workplace mentoring program are expected to graduate from high school; 85% of them will attend college, and 84% will complete college.

For more information on how you can get engaged in BBBS’ Workplace Mentoring program please visit their website.

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