LSA 42 Explores the World of Healthcare and Bioscience in SA

In a day filled with scientists, health professionals, a few test tubes, and needles, LSA 42 members got a closer look at San Antonio’s largest industry.  Employing one in every six people in San Antonio, the healthcare and Bioscience industry generates a close to $37 billion economic impact for the region.

LSA members started the day off on the west side of town at Texas BioMed, where they learned about the latest research on combatting Parkinson’s disease, AIDS and HIV, infectious diseases, and bio threats.  No two labs were the same, and members heard from researchers first-hand about the latest technologies used to conduct their research and why investment in these projects and programs is critical to the continued health and safety of not only the San Antonio community, but also the world.  Many of the programs currently at Texas BioMed are some of the best in the world, ensuring that San Antonio remains one of the leaders in research and development.

Following this learning experience, members saw a different side of the industry with their visit to BioBridge which includes the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, GenCure, and QualTex.  LSA Members heard from the leaders of each of the three components of BioBridge about the importance of their work in not only blood and tissue donation, but also testing services provided to the region.  One area of focus during this portion of the program was the significance of having more individuals opt to donate bone marrow. Partnering with the Be the Match program, GenCure works diligently to better inform potential donors of what the process is if one is a match and the enormity of the impact a donation can make on the life of the patient.

Finally, members moved on to learning about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.  The Witte’s Body Adventure hosted the class in the last portion of the day to showcase the various programs now available at the Witte to help the young and old understand more about healthy eating and physical fitness.  Retired Marine Corps. and adaptive athlete Jose Luis Sanchez, outlined for the class some of the simple things each of us can do on a daily basis to improve our physical well-being.

For more information on the healthcare and bioscience industry and its impact on the region you can review the Chamber’s recent economic impact report.

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