Chamber’s Cybersecurity Industry Council visits the San Antonio Museum for Science and Technology

The San Antonio Chamber’s Cybersecurity Industry Council held its bi-monthly meeting at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) this month. The newly launched SAMSAT, located at Port San Antonio, has a vision to become a world-class science center, an innovation incubator, and home to a major collection of never-before-seen technological artifacts. The new museum, largely created through the donation of technology artifacts by Board Member David Monroe, plans to expand both its physical footprint and programming opportunities to engage students, professionals, and visitors to San Antonio.

James Castro, President and CEO of SAMSAT, briefed the Council on the current state and future plans for the museum. SAMSAT plans to expand after school program offerings as well as teacher development programs. In addition to programming, the museum will focus on building out collections and themes, while securing partnerships with organizations that want to support specific displays. Initial preview displays will focus on early communication devices, cybersecurity, the PC/Datapoint story, early Edison innovations, and innovations and collections that arose in San Antonio.

The Cybersecurity Industry Council has been working closely with Port San Antonio as their team expands infrastructure to support cyber and intel companies and defense missions on the property. The Council also received an update from 24th Air Force and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) regarding the Cyber Proving Ground (CPG). The CPG enables and supports high performance teams assembled from the breadth of the Air Force cyber community of interest and external partners to rapidly assess the applicability of emerging concepts and technologies to address emergent cyberspace operational challenges.

The CPG focuses on providing timely feedback from Air Force cyberspace operators to developers, acquirers, and relevant research efforts. As the leading voice for the security sector in San Antonio, and the driving force behind CyberSecurity San Antonio, the Industry Council will continue to engage the Air Force and ensure the business community has the necessary information to engage and support military cyber operations in the community.

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