Accenture launches workforce training program for San Antonio’s eastside residents

In partnership with the City of San Antonio and Bexar County, Accenture Federal Services has launched a new apprenticeship program focused on providing 50 paid apprenticeships this year for students and adults from the Eastside Education and Training Center, Sam Houston High School, and St. Philips College.


This pilot program is part of Accenture’s larger and ongoing talent development strategy.  The plan is to expand this program into a comprehensive year-round curriculum in which students and adults can gain hands-on experience to better position themselves for entry-level jobs leading to careers in the digital economy of San Antonio.  The Eastside Promise Zone, which is the focus of the pilot program, is a part of the national place-based initiative that is designed to support revitalization of high-poverty communities.  This 22-square-mile area in San Antonio with a population of 80,000 had in 2016, a poverty rate of 31 percent and an unemployment rate of 10 percent, and nearly 30 percent of its adults over 25 did not have a high school diploma.


“We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding community partners who make this program possible,” said Ali Bokhari, director of Accenture Federal Services’ Delivery Network. “The demand for digital workers is outpacing supply, both in San Antonio and across the country. It is inspiring to see business leaders, communities and local governments come together to support a locally relevant workforce solution. We hope that this model can be leveraged across other industries and geographies to help address the digital workforce demand.”


Beyond the City of San Antonio & Bexar County, Accenture has been working with the following partners to launch this new training program for the eastside: Workforce Solutions Alamo, SA Works, Eastside Education and Training Center, Sam Houston High School, Alamo Colleges and Project Quest.


This apprenticeship program in San Antonio is just one example of Accenture’s significant investment in local communities to educate, train and build a next-generation U.S. high tech workforce, working with governments, veterans’ organizations, universities, community colleges and other organizations across the country. Accenture plans to open 10 innovation hubs in cities around the U.S. in the next four years and to create 15,000 highly skilled new jobs in the process. Accenture has also pledged to invest $1.4 billion in training Accenture employees in new technology.


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