Chamber Members discuss best practices in wellness programs

On Monday, September 25, San Antonio businesses attended a panel discussion on the benefits of wellness programs at work while enjoying a healthy breakfast at the Chamber’s Northside Business Center. Workplace wellness experts who shared best practices included:

Shana Robinson, Chief Growth Officer for Baptist Health Systems, and board member of the Chamber;

Kelly Cato, Manager of Engagement, Humana; and

Casey Gillespie, Corporate Market Director of Go Red for Women, American Heart Association.

Human resource professionals and other business leaders joined in the discussion to discover the principles guiding what type of program to offer. The spectrum of options are endless, and can range from adding an on-site clinic, which can increase accessibility and reduce absenteeism, which together have led to a reduction in premiums of 10% for one local business. While this type of option may seem like a large commitment, there were basic actions that can put behavior on the right track, such as replacing breakfast tacos and donuts with fruit and protein-rich items during morning meetings.

This robust and interactive discussion comes on the heels of announcing our partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) for the Chamber Wellness Connection. The 2017 Chairman of the Board of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Rad Weaver has made getting San Antonio healthy a priority. We are asking our members and the greater community to register for the Workplace Health Solutions and either show what they are doing to make their places of employment healthy, or learn how to begin. In June of 2018, the AHA will recognize nationally companies that participate and reach certain scores.

To find out more about the Workplace Health Solutions and to register, visit the American Heart Association website.

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