Help plan our regional transportation network

The Alamo Area Metropolitan Organization is conducting an online survey to engage the San Antonio community on developing a comprehensive strategy to develop and implement transportation solutions across the region. The effort is part of Mobility 2045, our 25-year transportation plan that identifies roadway, transit, and other transportation projects needed for our region.

Over the next 25 years, San Antonio region is anticipated to add more than 450,000 new jobs and welcome more than 1.5 million new residents, increasing the regional population to 3.4 million people. Your input is hugely important to ensuring the region has an integrated, seamless transportation network.

Recognizing the mobility needs of the community and addressing those needs will eventually lead to improvements in the economy and quality of life. That is why it is so important for residents to play an active role in the planning process.  The survey will help identify the best options for residents, including other modes of transportation such as bicycles, pedestrians, public transportation, and truck and rail freight.  It will also serve as a valuable tool in developing a strategy for long-term, sustainable revenue sources to address regional transportation system needs.

A strong transportation network remains a top priority for the Chamber, including our support for a system of toll roads in San Antonio to relieve traffic congestion.  We strongly encourage you to complete the survey and help identify long-term transportation solutions for the region.

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