Chamber participates in Alamo Area MPO Meeting

The Chamber joined key transportation leaders within the San Antonio-Austin region at the Capitol-Alamo Joint MPO Regional Workshop last week. The event workshop was part of the Capital-Alamo Connection Study, a regional effort to develop a strategy to enhance mobility and to identify infrastructure, policy and technology solutions for the Greater Austin-San Antonio region. The study area centers on the I-35 corridor, but includes major parallel facilities as well as portions of the 12 surrounding counties.

This summer, the Capitol Area Metropolitan Organization (CAMPO) and the Alamo Areas Metropolitan Organization (AAMPO), in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), initiated the study with the goal of developing a plan for implementing a system of short-, mid- and long-term transportation improvements through the year 2050. The study aims to identify inter-regional travel patterns, assess current market conditions, define future transportation needs and develop potential solutions.

Lauren Garduno, TXDOT Director of Project Planning and Development, and Roger Beall, TXDOT Corridor Planning Section Director, presented an overview of the findings from the data collection and condition analysis that took place over the past couple of months. The immediate concerns included few options for direct connections, delay and traffic, passenger needs, accelerated regional growth, emerging multi-regional issues, and freight needs. The region expects to grow exponentially by 2040, and that will affect land development and congestion significantly. The data provided that there would be a 41% change in developed land by 2050. According to main lane counts in 2016, the average vehicles per day on I-35 and 281 is up to 241,000 and 112,000 vehicles, respectfully.

The workshop included breakout sessions to discuss a long-range regional vision and the needs and challenges for technology, policy and infrastructure improvements. Lauren Garduno closed the workshop by presenting the next steps in the process, including continued stakeholder outreach and joint MPO meetings.

The Chamber is pleased to have participated in the workshop and will continue to work closely with the AAMPO to stay engaged in the process.

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