Leadership San Antonio Alumni Association celebrates history with Class 1

Hosted by the first ever class of Leadership San Antonio, alumni association members came together to celebrate how far the program has come the over last 42 years since its founding. LSA was created by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in 1975 to help cultivate and inspire leaders to positively change San Antonio.  In fact, in their statement to the board, the three-person task force that included former chairman of the board Bob McClane stated:

“The primary objective of this program will be the development of volunteer leaders by creating an awareness of community problems, training the individuals in the art of exercising leadership in voluntary group and motivating the participants to step forth as leaders in the organizations of their choice.”

During the reception, Class 1 members were able to provide comments about the creation of the program, issues the city was dealing with at the time that helped shape their experience as well as how they see the program progressing today.  As one example of program progression, members highlighted the importance of ensuring diversity of ethnicity, gender, and occupations in class participants. This diversity, they noted, allows for healthy debate and exploration of issues in our city.

“A key to success for each us is that in any debate, of any subject, even when we don’t agree, we must listen to and respect one another,” said McClane.

Members at the event were thrilled to have the opportunity to get a better understanding of why LSA was developed, who helped make this program happen, and how they can continue to play a pivotal role in its success.

If you want to get engaged in the Alumni Association, please sign-up and register for the 2018 year. Right now, dues are $80.00 for the year versus the normal $100 annual fee. You can register online at the following link.



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