Statewide policy issues prevail during Metro 8 CEOs meeting with Texas Urban Council

For the first time in recent history, the CEOs of the Metro 8 Chambers of Commerce and Texas Urban Council of Superintendents met over the weekend to discuss local and state policy issues that relate to the education and training of our future workforce. Hosted by the Texas Urban Council and moderated by Educate Texas CEO John Fitzpatrick, the meeting allowed chamber CEOs and Superintendents  to openly discuss these issues and how they can come together in the future on common priorities.

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, along with San Antonio ISD, were part of the group discussing a wide variety of topics, including school finance, property tax reform, urban development, business incentives, and “taxparency” a newly coined term emphasizing the need for better transparency of use of property tax funds. Specifically  related to San Antonio, our local participants emphasized the need for more coordinated conversations as related to urban development.

“It is clear that we can no longer operate in these silos when attracting businesses to our urban core,” said Richard Perez, President & CEO of the San Antonio Chamber.  “We, as a community, need to work more strategically in urban development, and that includes working with our educational partners who not only serve as a huge economic development tool but also as resources in attracting businesses to our community.”

At the end of the weekend, Chamber CEOs and Superintendents agreed that there were benefits to coordinating on certain policy items that are of common interest to both businesses and educators. As the Texas legislature continues to meet during the interim before the 2019 Legislative session, both organizations will communicate on when to meet further and finalize any potential joint agenda.

For more information on the Texas Urban Council of Superintendents please visit their website.

For more information on Taxparency Texas, please visit their website.

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