Tricentennial is counting	down to anniversary year

The countdown to San Antonio and Bexar County’s 300th anniversary is underway, and we want you to be aware and get involved. Our friends at the Tricentennial have gathered interesting facts, tidbits, and highlights of all of the wonderful things to expect during this once-in-a-lifetime commemoration, and we are excited to share those with you!

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About the San Antonio Tricentennial:

In 2018, San Antonio will mark its 300th anniversary: a rare, historic event that will be remembered for generations. The Tricentennial Commission, a public nonprofit, leads the way in celebrating and commemorating our 300 years by developing a year of educational, artistic, and entertaining events. As San Antonio takes the world’s stage, key initiatives include: History & Education, Arts & Culture, Community Service, and Commemorative Week. The yearlong commemoration will celebrate our memorable past and propel us into our equally remarkable future. You are invited to join our community and be a part of the next chapter in San Antonio’s legendary story. Visit for more information.

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