Why San Antonio Businesses Must Encourage Their Employees to Register and Vote


I have had the privilege of serving as your Chamber CEO for the past 10 years. In my estimation, one can argue that the 2017 State Legislative Session will go down as one of the most anti-business sessions in those years. A few examples to prove my point are:

  • An attempt to impose additional health benefit mandates on health insurance carriers which would negatively affect the bottom line of San Antonio businesses,
  • An assault on important State economic development incentive tools used to attract new business and industry to our state, and
  • An unnecessary and extremely time-consuming focus away from important State-wide issues such as public education funding and transportation to a focus on discriminatory bathroom legislation.

These examples highlight the need to elect individuals who understand that businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and who will focus their time, effort and energy on pocket book issues that affect our lives and those of our employees every single day. Therefore, voting for the right people is our challenge and our responsibility.

Texans must register to vote in order to participate in the electoral process, and the deadline for that privilege is looming. The deadline to register to vote in the Texas Primary Election is February 5, 2018. This election is extremely important, because history has shown that a large percentage of seats in the Texas House and Senate are decided in the March Primary Election, and not in the November General Election. As a result, we encourage you, your employees, and your family and friends to register to vote and to educate themselves on those individuals who are running in the Primary Election. In order to make registering to vote trouble-free and convenient, click here to go to the State’s online voter registration application.

Our friends at the Texas Association of Business (TAB) have created an excellent tool that tells us if our State lawmakers “made the grade” with respect to voting on important Texas/San Antonio business issues.

To view the 2017 Report of the Texas Legislature 85th Regular & Special Session please click here.

Thank you for your consideration of this important duty: Vote!

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