San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA) is pleased to announce the addition of four new members to its Board of Directors:

Tracey Lammert (Director of Sales-Exquisite Properties),

Sarah Dorgan (Senior Relationship Manager with the Global Commercial Banking Group of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch), Dr Betsy Kemble (Associate Veterinarian at Lincoln Heights Animal Hospital), April Young (Sr. News Producer, KENS5).  Paul Mann, CEO of RRGP, will serve as chair of the 2018 Board of Directors with Danielle Stellato, Deputy Corporate Controller at Andeavor as Vice President and Deanna Rankin, Senior Vice President/Trust Internal Audit Manager at Frost Bank as newly appointed Secretary.


“We now have a very strong leadership foundation in place and we couldn’t be more pleased with these appointments. Each of these individual’s backgrounds, community connections and passionate commitment to animals will be instrumental to the board’s success in helping SAPA save animals to reach our overall No-Kill mission.” said Lindy Hardin, 2016-2017 Board Chair of SAPA.


Tracey Lammert, Director of Sales-Exquisite Properties, LLC, is long time resident of San Antonio and will bring to SAPA a proven expertise in real estate, business, San Antonio community, marketing, fundraising, event planning and effective board membership.

Sarah Dorgan is the Senior Relationship Manager with the Global Commercial Banking Group of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch bringing a strong financial background, proven board leadership experience and a strong passion to help homeless animals.

Dr Betsy Kemble has been Associate Veterinarian at Lincoln Heights Animal Hospital since 2009.  Her love for animals and ties to the San Antonio animal welfare community will be a true strength for SAPA.

April K. Young, is a TV News Senior Producer -KENS 5, bringing a vast knowledge of Media and Public relations.  April has a wonderful track record of bringing awareness of animal welfare issues and promoting rescues leading to her winning an award for her work.

Paul Mann, CEO of RRGP and Co-Founder/CEO Counselor Chat, is appointed as 2018 Chair. Paul has been an invaluable board member since joining in 2014.  His entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, incredible generosity and passion for animal welfare will help lead SAPA to elevated success in 2018.

The 2018 San Antonio Board of Directors are: Chairman, Paul Mann; Vice-Chairman, Danielle Stellato; Treasurer, Nick Oscari; Secretary, Deanna Rankin; Founder, Dr. Ellen Jefferson; Former-Chair, Lindy Hardin; Natalie O’Connor; Michelle Maloney; Tracey Lammert; Dr. Betsy Kemble; April Young; and Sarah Dorgan.

About San Antonio Pets Alive

San Antonio Pets Alive! fills the gaps in the community by identifying the problems that leave dogs and cats euthanized at the city shelter, and by creating innovative programs to overcome those specific problems. We are focused on rescuing the pets that end up at the shelter and helping keep pets from being surrendered through a variety of programs including adoption, foster, transport, bottle-feeding, neonatal kitten nursery and parvovirus ward. Visit

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