City Council issues an addendum to withdraw the Labor Peace Agreement from Airport concessionaires RFP

For several weeks, your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce has rallied members of the business community to speak up in opposition of the unnecessary Labor Peace Agreement (LPA) requirement included in the City’s master airport concessionaire request for proposal (RFP).

The Chamber has been making calls, writing letters, and meeting with Mayor Nirenberg and City Councilmembers to express our strong opposition and request they withdraw the solicitation entirely. As a result of our direct business pressure, during yesterday’s B-Session, the council directed city staff to issue an addendum to the current RFP removing the LPA requirement.  While this is certainly good news, we are not out of the woods yet. In fact, several of the City Councilmembers made comments about how they would like to further explore the impacts of an LPA.

On January 18, without input from the business community, the City issued an RFP for concessions at the airport, which is a routine request that the city goes through every few years.  But for the first time, the city included a troubling element titled “Labor Peace Agreement Requirement” which requires the successful concessionaire to implement an LPA between the concessionaire and any labor organizations which represent employees working on the concessionaire agreement. Put simply, the purpose of an LPA is to apply economic pressure on employers to compel them to grant organizing concessions to unions. This is bad public policy and bad for business.  It would not only negatively impact the small, local businesses the city council so proudly advocates for, but could set a precedent for other city-issued RFPs.

Your Chamber will work even harder now to build a greater coalition of businesses and make our voice louder.  We are committed to blocking all attempts to have an LPA requirement included in any city-issued RFP.

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