Sign up for MISSION UNITED Military and Veteran Recognition Program

Every day, thousands of military members and veterans are put in the awkward situation of asking a cashier/check-out person if they offer a military discount, only to be told: “No, I’m sorry,” by the embarrassed employee.

If your business offers services discounts to members of the military and their families, we encourage you to participate with MISSION UNITED. Through a mutually beneficial relationship between local agencies/stores/companies and MISSION UNITED (MU), the often under-recognized services and discounts available to veterans and military members will be supported and promoted.

In November 2015, out of concern for highly stressed and vulnerable military families, United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County joined MISSION UNITED, a military information and referral program.  This program helps military, veterans and their families navigate the robust, but complex, array of community and military support programs.  In addition to assisting our military (past and present) through supportive programs, MISSION UNITED has established a way to recognize military friendly agencies, stores and companies that acknowledge those who have served.

By signing an agreement with MISSION UNITED, agencies and stores that provide services/discounts to military, veterans and their families will be identified by a MISSION UNITED window decal displayed on the front door.  Active duty, Reservist, National Guard, Veterans and their families will know that their service is appreciated and recognized by the facility displaying the MISSION UNITED logo.  For-profit companies offering a discount to veterans and military agree to continue providing a discount.  Non-profits displaying the MU logo are those that have veteran/military specific programs in place.

MISSION UNITED will use social media, monthly newsletters, outreach events, relationships with the military installations and other partners to bring attention to all those agencies/stores/companies that “give that little bit extra” to military and veteran customers and clients.  MISSION UNITED will also publish a booklet listing program participants.

If your agency/store/company is interested in participating, please use this link: to let them know.

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