Chamber team steps up wellness with more than 5 million steps in June

Your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce has been focusing on wellness since 2017, when former Chairman of the Board Rad Weaver made community wellness one of his priorities. As leaders in our community, we know that a healthy balance of work and play makes for a healthy team. In April 2018, we started setting a monthly goal of five million steps. To reach this goal we implemented weekly walks as a team, and in just three short months, we exceeded our monthly goal in June with 5,185,381 steps! We had 21 of our employees participate, averaging 7,056 steps a day.

We also participated in a team challenge to create comradery and a little competition! This month’s team with the highest number of steps was Imelda Davis, Vice President of Finance, and Rick Mireles, Membership Consultant.

For July, we are tackling our largest goal yet of 5,200,000 steps. Be on the lookout next month to see if we reach our goal.

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