Texas A&M University-San Antonio hosts September Board Meeting

The home of the Jaguars, Texas A&M University-San Antonio (A&M-SA), hosted the September Board of Directors meeting this morning. Dr. William Spindle, Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO, welcomed members of the board and talked about the growing and thriving university that will celebrate its ten-year anniversary next year. Currently, A&M-SA serves 6,700 students in its 26 undergraduate programs and 13 graduate programs, which include in-demand fields, such as education, information technology and cybersecurity, criminology, and biology.

During the meeting, Christian Archer, campaign manager for Secure San Antonio’s Future, presented the group’s plan to defeat the three proposed charter amendments, which will appear on the November 6 ballot. Archer discussed the Fire Union’s motive of wanting to create chaos and leverage at City Hall. He also talked in detail about the implications Proposition A, B, and C will have on San Antonio, including a downgrade to our AAA bond rating which will raise the interest rate on our bond and tax dollars limiting our purchasing power, our inability to recruit top-talent to serve as City Manager in the future as this pay plan will put us on par with pay for small cities, and increased taxes for fewer city services. TV ads will begin on Wednesday, September 26, accompanied by block-walking, presentations at neighborhood meetings, radio ads, and social media. Archer encouraged Board members to reach out to every person in their personal and professional networks to share the very-real consequences of the propositions and to get involved in the campaign or learn more at (See article about the Go Vote No Toolkit.)

Dave Petersen, EVP of the San Antonio Chamber, presented the individuals selected to be on the Nominating Task Force. These individuals will develop a proposed slate of nominees for the 2019 Chair-elect as well as nine nominees for the 2019 Board of Directors. The Task Force will be led by 2017 Chamber Chairman Rad Weaver, CEO of McCombs Enterprises. Task Force Members include: 2018 Chair Shaun Kennedy (Texas Capital Bank), 2018 Chair-elect Paula Gold-Williams (CPS Energy), Brenda Vickrey Johnson (Vickrey & Associates), Cosmo Guido (Guido Bros Construction), Jennifer Cantu (Bank of America), Mario Barrera (Norton, Rose, Fulbright), Beth Eby (Eby Financial), and Sarah Arrendondo (Habitat for Humanity). Ex-officio members of the Task Force are Richard Perez, President/CEO and Dave Petersen, Executive Vice President/COO of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

The Final Action of the Morning was the President’s Report, led by Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez. Richard briefly discussed the Alamo Plaza Plan, which is continuing to move forward. Dave Petersen spoke about a potential new Association Health Plan, and Will Garrett gave an update on the Cybersecurity industry in San Antoino.

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