Help us continue to fight Propositions A, B, and C

With the recent flurry of news regarding the secret recording that exposed San Antonio Fire Union President Chris Steele’s underlying motives for adding the three proposed Charter amendments to the November 6 ballot, San Antonio voters have one more reason to Go Vote No on Propositions A, B, and C. However, while the campaign is gaining momentum, the business community must remain engaged and committed to making sure everyone in their professional and personal networks understands the very-real consequences of the propositions.

During last month’s Chamber Board of Director’s meeting, Christian Archer, campaign manager for Secure San Antonio’s Future, presented the groups plan to defeat the propositions. That plan includes TV ads, block-walking, presentations at neighborhood meetings, radio ads, and social media. All of these efforts are vitally important, as San Antonio First, Chris Steele’s group that is running the “Vote Yes” campaign, is running TV ads that fail to mention the loss of our AAA bond rating and the resulting increase in taxes along with the loss of city services should these propositions pass.

In an effort to help our members spread the Go Vote No message far and wide, your Chamber, in partnership with Secure San Antonio’s Future PAC, created an Employer Toolkit. We encourage you to download the Employer Toolkit and share it with everyone in your network. For more information, or to get involved in the Go Vote No campaign, please visit

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